UBU: Pronouncers in RoboCup Teams

Magnus Boman Jens Andreasen Mats Danielson Carl-Gustaf Jansson
Johan Kummeneje Johan Sikström Harko Verhagen Håkan L. S. Younes

The UBU RoboCup team is described. The UBU team participates in the simulation league, and is under constant development. The key idea is to use, in certain situations, the advice provided by a normative real-time decision support algorithm for letting players choose what to do next. The algorithm acts on input from each individual player, the basis of which is stored in a local information base. The idea is only implemented in part, and the version of UBU competing in Singapore is to be seen as a first step towards a team of artificial decision making soccer players.

Full paper: PDF (6 pages, 16 references)

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